Phones that are compatible with Asterisk?

At work we have several sites with IP phones being managed by our NEC 2400 IPX. We are howver considering moving to a platform based IP phone system for some of our remotes site.

My question, the first of many no doubt, is this. Are are current phones compatible with Asterisk? Presently the IP phones that we use are “NEC ITR Determ IP phones” (-3 Desplay, I think).



googling for that term doesn’t turn up much, can you post the model number from the underside.

unless the phone uses a protocol available to Asterisk you’ll not be able to connect them directly, but you’ll probably be able to connect your old systel to Asterisk (although not a route i would ever choose)

The phone is a NEC Determ IP, ITR-16D-3. Stock # 780028

Looking on the net I found this.
From … 780028.htm


Compatiable with Nec Neax 2000 IVS-2 / IPS / 2400 IPX / Univerge SV7000 / MPS PBX systems.

IP Terminal Features:
11 dedicated function keys for ease of operation ( Hold, Transfer, Answer, Speaker, Conference, Redial, Recall, Feature, Mic, Message, Directory)
16 programmable line keys for immediate line or feature access (DSS)
2-color LED per key immediately indicates call status Call/Message indicator lamp
Hands-free speakerphone
Convenient built-in headset jack
Volume/Contrast control
3 lines of LCD information (adjustable) with 24 characters per line
4 Softkeys
Desk & Wall mountable Tilt stand

Interface: 10/100 base T (IEEE 802.3), RJ 45 multi-port Switch
Internet Layer: IPv4
Protocol Support: Protims over IP
Jitter Buffer: Max 300ms (10ms steps)
Payload Interval: 10ms ~ 40ms (10ms steps)
IP Addressing: DHCP or Static Assignable
QoS: 801.p, ToS and Diff-Service
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 deg C (32 - 103 deg F)

Equipment Specification Size (W x D x H)

Tilt up: 9.09" x 8.54" x 5.28"
Tilt down: 9.09" x 8.54" x 4.17"
Power Specification:
External: AC: 24V, Current: 750mA
Inline and Spare Pair: Voltage: 48V
Current: 92ma
Power Consumption: 6.4W
Protocol Support: 802.3af and CDP (NDP with ILPA integration)

That is all the information that I have.



like a dog in the street !!

protims is NEC stuff, no support for it in Asterisk. it might be worth having a search … maybe somewhere there’s an upgrade to SIP ???

one other idea- program the existing pbx as nothing but a phone-T1 interface (make it ‘dumb’) and wire it up to * using PRI spans. This will let you use your existing phones for the time being, just replace them with IP phones as you go.