Can i use the dterm protocol with asterisk

hi i want to know if i can use the dterm protocol with asterisk
i cant find anything on the site about this so if someone can tell me i would verry thank full

kind regards

Appears to be a proprietary circuit switched handset protocol. I would be very surprised.

so you think it dont work?
the reason i ask i becouse i have 500 of dterm phones and dont know what to do with it

I’m going to toss a “nope” into the arena here, as well, for this question. Paperweights unless you can find someone that builds a product that’ll convert that signaling to something else.

the phones works with Cisco Discovery Protocol as wel so can i run this protocol over asterisk.
please some help thank you :smiley:

I would doubt it. Where can one find a specification for that protocol?

CDP is not a VoIP signaling protocol, so +1 for doubt it. If they support skinny you might be lucky.

Surely there’s a way. I’m in a position similar to the OP but not quite that many phones. We will be one day disconnecting from the proprietary NEC source which uses a protim protocol. The phones whitepaper say that they can use SIP, but it seems it’s just a matter of getting the mode on the phone changed to use SIP instead of searching for the DRS. I’ve also read a post where NEC said it could be done with other firmware but the guy that posted that said he didn’t buy the $$$ yearly contract to get support from NEC which they were requiring in order to help him further (i’ve been there with IBM).

So, I think it can be done.

Additionally, the DRS server is just the NEC PBX but it’s really just an ftp server where the Dterm pulls an xml config file from in order to configure itself. If maybe that can be hijacked (fool the phone into d/l my own xml) and I can load my own config file and just set it to SIP and my sip server/registration all in that xml.

  1. Change the mode of phone to SIP, if the menus don’t allow it then…#2
  2. Flash firmware and install custom firmware which will allow the phone to use SIP or #3
  3. Hijack the DRS

Have a look at the Citel PBXgateway product line. They perform (among other things) a SIP station -> Proprietary PBX station conversion. They have another product call the EXTender series if you wanted to go in the other direction. Or you can use the two products together to put remote stations hanging “directly” off the PBX. … ochure.pdf