Nortel 1120E & 1140E SIP phones compatible with Asterisk

We are currently considering switching over to a Asterisk PBX and have been looking into GigE IP phones that would be compatible with the Asterisk PBX – we want to be able to maintain the GigE connectivity we have between our desktop PCs and the rest of the internal network without having to run additional network cable to all of our desks or having to use a GigE switch at each desk with an IP phone.

We found GigE phones from Cisco, Nortel, 3Com and ShoreTel, and we really like the Nortel 1120E and 1140E IP Phones, but we’re concerned about their compatibility with the Asterisk PBX. I went to the Nortel website and found the release notes for the latest version of the SIP firmware Nortel offers for the 1120E and 1140E phones: … _Rev_1.pdf

Both phones can be ordered with the SIP version of the firmware preloaded at the factory. One thing that encouraged me is that they offer support for the third party BroadSoft BroadWorks server. The Nortel phones claim that they are SIP RFC3261 compliant which is what the Grandstream GXP2000 phone claims to be as well and I know that the Grandstream GXP2000 phone is supposed to work just fine with the Asterisk PBX.

If I understand the situation correctly, I believe it’s standards-based SIP compliance that is the basis for the compatibility of most IP phones that are compatible with the Asterisk PBX – such as Cisco’s 7900 IP phone series.

Nortel seems to imply this very strongly on the web pages for the 1120E and 1140E models:

“Flexible deployment options with support of both Nortel Communication Server protocol and standards-based Session Initiation Protocolâ€

I know this is an old post, but if you are still interested. I ordered 2 1140E phones with SIP FW pre-loaded and I was able to configure them to Asterisk. These are really sharp phones and they work real well. If you want more info post back or shoot me an email.


I have been able to get Nortel 1120E phones working with an Asterisk PBX. I haven’t done a lot of testing yet, but fundamentally it works. A key document is the NN43112-300 version 02.01 doc from the Nortel web site. Here is a direct link. … _Admin.pdf

This document describes the DHCP and provisioning server requirements, and the config syntax for the three required configuration files for the phone.

Not to bring back a dead post but anyone know howto Factory reset these 1120/1140 SIP firmware Nortel phones? I have tried the **RESET## and not luck.

I just received a bunch 1140e these phones and haven’t had any luck with the configuration with Asterisk. Would you be able to send me any information that was helpful? There is a lot of stuff on the initial configuration screen that is beyond me, any help on what it all means would be appreciated.