Phones can call each other, sip show registry shows nothing

A Cisco7960G and a Snom 320 can call each other.
sip show peers gives me information
sip show users also

But why not sip show registry ???

THX in advance !

because you’re not using any registrations ??

register with an ITSP and you’ll see entries then.

According the sniffer the phones are registered.

I thought, when the phones are not registered no calling can take place !

sip show registry shows what servers asterisk is registered TO. When you have a register=> line in sip.conf the resulting registration shows up in sip show registry. This registers the asterisk server to another server, usually an ITSP and does not help with connecting voip handsets.

You would want ‘sip show peers’ which shows what peers are online. If it’s dynamic and it has an IP, it’s registered.

Thank you very much IronHelix.

This makes sense to me !
It’s now clear why I don’t see anything with “sip show registry”