Two IP-Phones registered but calls not working - New to Asterisk

Please help

I have two digium phones that it shows registered when i do a sip show peers

2 sip peers [Monitored 2 online, 0 offline UnMonitored: 0 online, 0 offline]

When i do a sip show registry i have 0 SIP registrations —> Not sure what this means

When i do a make calls with verbose set to 35 … i dont see any activity on the CLI

—> further background is i am trying to get these phones working without any internet connectivity to the virtual box

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot? Thanks.


For local network you don’t need internet connection.

You opened rtp ports for your vbox?

Means Asterisk is not registered as SIP client to a remote server, not needed in this scenario you re describing, what it is the console output?

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