/phoneprov/ Not showing using "show http status"

Asterisk FreePBX 13.0.195

I’m trying to setup provisioning for Digium A20 phones.
I get this error when I plug the phone in

GET /phoneprov/f0A20hw1.100.cfg HTTP/1.1" 404 303

The file is located in that directory but I’m not able to navigate to it using a web browser.
I have this added to my http_custom.conf file


; In this example, if the prefix option is set to “asterisk”, then using the
; POST URL: /asterisk/uploads will put files in /var/lib/asterisk/uploads/.
uploads = /var/lib/asterisk/uploads/
phoneprov = /var/lib/asterisk/phoneprov/

When I run “show http status” i do not see /phoneprov/ listed.
Any advice?


FIXED - Did not have res_phoneprov.so module running. Was able to check that by doing “module show like phoneprov”.