Provisionng SNOM phones (others too ?) with PJSIP

Hi list. I try provisioning with PJSIP on Atserisk 20 and it always fail during looking for the htm file for SNOM. A pcap capture from SNOM to asterisk http server shows

4 0.024056174 → HTTP 506 GET /asterisk/phoneprov HTTP/1.1
14 0.079412096 → HTTP 519 GET /asterisk/phoneprov-000413xxxxxx HTTP/1.1
24 0.153123191 → HTTP 518 GET /asterisk/snomD717-firmware.htm HTTP/1.1
they all ended with 404 Not Found

AST_DATA_DIR point to /var/lib/asterisk in which I have phoneprov directory with configs sub-directory. Config file exists twice, once with .htm extension, another one as softlink with .xml extension . I even copy them in AST_DATA_DIR as well as in AST_DATA_DIR/phoneprov, no luck.


zone-s*CLI> phoneprov show routes
Static routes

Profile Relative URI Physical location

Dynamic routes

Provider Profile Relative URI Template
sipusers snom snom-000413xxxxxy.xml snom-mac.xml
res_pjsip_phoneprov_ snom snom-000413xxxxxx.xml snom-mac.xml

I followed this link Phone Provisioning, Putting it all together - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Provisioning with SNOM rules is working perfectly. What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for any hint

I’m not sure EXACTLY what you mean by “Provisioning with SNOM rules”.

However, it might be useful to have a look at the SNOM provisioning documentation here:

The phones looks for files with specific suffixes, regardless of the configuration. We setup snom phones to access a PHP script, that generates their actual configuration based on the mac, however it still looks for files with -.htm and -.xml files.

The extra requests just fails with a 404, and the phone works like a charm. So I’d probably not put too much emphasis on those requests, and try testing the requests with my browser, or postman (Using a cloned UA if required), to see if the configuration is actually sent from Asterisk. Our provisioning is separate from Asterisk, so I have no familiarity with the phoneprov module.

Yes, snom stock provisioning is working well. I want to try provisioning with phoneprov+pjsip which should be more generic.

Thanks for feedback

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