Asterisk GUI

Hi Guys,
I am new to Asterisk this week, and I could use your help please. I have installed Asterisk no trouble however I am having some problems with Asterisk GUI. The console reports all is fine…

HTTP Server Status:
Prefix: /asterisk
Server Enabled and Bound to

Enabled URI’s:
/asterisk/httpstatus => Asterisk HTTP General Status
/asterisk/phoneprov/… => Asterisk HTTP Phone Provisioning Tool
/asterisk/amanager => HTML Manager Event Interface w/Digest authentication
/asterisk/arawman => Raw HTTP Manager Event Interface w/Digest authentication
/asterisk/manager => HTML Manager Event Interface
/asterisk/rawman => Raw HTTP Manager Event Interface
/asterisk/static/… => Asterisk HTTP Static Delivery
/asterisk/amxml => XML Manager Event Interface w/Digest authentication
/asterisk/mxml => XML Manager Event Interface

Enabled Redirects:

I can get to the http-status pages but I can’t get the manager /amanager etc all I get is a Not Found error or a logon prompt. If I enter the username and password from my manager.conf file I just get prompted again for that password. The same account information works fine over telnet.

It looks to me like there should be some files in /var/lib/asterisk/static-http but this directory is empty. Have I missed a trick somewhere like a make ?

I’m sure it’s a rooky mistake but any tips welcomed.

Hi guys,

Just worked this out, it seems and I don’t know why that my “make && make install” step did not have permission to right the folder static-http. Not sure why not but I fired “chmod o+w .” for the /var/src/asterisk directory and re-ran the command and it works. Hurray