Phoneprov not updateing after module reload res_phoneprov

I have updated some phone provisiong records, Moved a phone from one user to another In the past this has worked fine.

When I do the reload the phone web link still has teh info for the old config. Ie, its not updateing.

Recently I updated to asterisk 16.7.0 so I’m wonder if others are seeing this too?

The issue apples to new users as well.

which endpoint are you using? how are you doing provisioning as this doesn’t have with asterisk it is not a provisioning server which gui are you using ?

its for polycom endpoints. I’m not using a gui, Its all config files.that I’m using and the res_phoneprov module that reads the data in to generate the html that the phones read. This is native asterisk provisioning,

on critical note is this worked until the upgrade to 16.7

Should this be a bug report instead?

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