Phone Number


I am new to this service so would like to know when building Asterisk Server how to we be begin to receive calls, do we need to buy phone numbers or does the system generate a phone number for you,


This isn’t a service. Asterisk is a program that you may use. How you use it will depend on how it is configured.

You should probably spend time reading the book:

Asterisk needs to be configured. It will not auto generate number for you.

What kind of calls are you trying to receive? If you put softphones on a couple of computer, you could begin making calls between them. In that case you would get to decide what the phone numbers are. Now if you want to get phone calls from the PSTN, you would need means to connect your Asterisk box to the PSTN. Which may require additional hardware or a service through a VoIP trunk provider.

So your options are many and the ways to configure the system are endless.