[HELP] Questions if asterisk is right solution for me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to help.

I have a stand alone webserver in a remote datacenter.

I am interested in obtaining a phone number (somehow) from a company (someone) so my server can send and receive calls from or to people’s regular phone lines.

People calling the server will go into a help menu/push buttons/ or leave a message…or listen to my recorded messages.

My server will want to call clients and remind them of sales or appointments…and maybe even allow them to ‘press 1’ to say they will be there.

This is all independent of my home phone or business phone lines.

I cannot quite figure out how I get a phone number for the internet nor if asterisk would be the right software.

Any points in the right direction can be helpful.

I only post this as I am frustrated. Most information I can find deals with inter office communications or re-routing of phone calls to special phones, etc…
I really want to know if I can use my server by itself to do these things. I cannot find anything close to a definitive answer at all.

Thank you for the help (or the flames)


AFAIC, asterisk and FreeSwitch can accomplish such tasks. I believe FreeSwitch can do better and more efficient than asterisk in this case, YMMV.