Can I do this with Asterisk?

Basically, I’d like to call my server, dial a code and hang up…
then have the server look up the code…and reference it to a telephone number…queue and dial that number for me, then call me back and once I answer connect me to that number.

this way, I can save myself money by using my unlimited incoming call service plan from my cellular service provider.

any ideas if I can do this with asterik?

thank you.
I am a linux type person and new to asterisk.

Sure you can, just create an ivr the wait for the code, find the number associated with the code entered and then hangup the call; in the h extension, which is executed when the call is hangup, start an agi script to create a call file that will call back your phone and then connect you to the dialed number.

See … o-dial+out .


Marco Bruni

Thank you Marco.
I have installed Linux, asterisk.

What other things would I need?
VoIP provider? Hardware? etc…?

I’m totally new to this, and it will be a learning process for me.

thank you.

But I have to define the destination number on my .conf.

Can I do it the same but without define the destinations numbers?

I found this useful link, also.

So you can set your outgoing files dynamically

Hope it helps. … e=Callback

You need an outgoing line that has to support at least two concurrent calls and it could be a SIP trunk and so no more hardware than the server is needed or two pstn lines and you’ll need a card like Digium TDM410 with at least two fxo modules.


Marco Bruni

thanks again.

So what I have now is:
-a voip service with IAX2 protocol
-asterisk server

I just need a card (or ATA)

what do you recommend?
Digium TDM410
Sipura SPA-2002
Mediatrix 2102

thank you.

If your IAX2 voip service lets you receive and place calls (at let least two concurrent) you don’t need nothing more otherwise use the Digium card or the Sipura ata (I never used Mediatrix), both are good products.


Marco Bruni