Multiple phones that use 2 extensions

I would like to setup 8 polycom 430s that use two entensions. One extension on each phone is defferent for each user like 5002, 5003, etc. the second extension for each phone would be 5271 and each person be able to pick up on that number. incoming calls from outside would be 555-555-5271, that number would need to ring 5271 on all 8 phones. Also when some one calls the 5271 extension in the office it would need to ring 5271 on all 8 phones. how would i configure this? I am new to using asterisk, I have setup a trixbox 2.6 system, any help would be great.

Unfortunately asterisk doesn’t allow multiple registrations for the same SIP account. You will need to create 8 separate entries in sip.conf for each of your phones and do

exten => 5271,1,Dial(SIP/PHONE1&SIP/PHONE2&SIP/PHONE3…)

More info can be found here: … +extension