How does Asterisk handle two extensions when they call each other? We will have several associates with home offices that will have extensions and will be calling each other. Each person will be using VoIP adapters logging into the server and using analog phones. When one extension calls another do the calls stay on the server or do they connect to each other?

As far as I know, asterisk is the ‘glue’ between your phones… You have the advantage of making SIP phones speak to IAX and others… But that also means your asterisk server has to stay between the callers…

Even if you use the same protocol on 2 sides, asterisk sits between them. Don’t let it be a disadvantage, use it, for example cdr is really fun to see how much it’s all being used…


  • can get out of the path if the two sip phones can talk directly.
    Read the documentation for the sip.conf file.
    I had to turn that off, since my phones are behind a nat and * runs on the gateway anyway.

Look what I just found: