Phone call forwarding to desktop PC?

Hi guys,

I currently have a cable broadband internet connection with two ports for phones. I’m wondering whether it is possible to:

  1. keep the current phone system intact (phone port 1)
  2. use port 2 to connect to a Asterisk server (for example with RaspBerry PI) to forward phone calls to my computer with Windows 8 or to my Android phone when I’m connected to the home network.

Short main question: How can I make Asterisk able to forward incoming phone calls to my computer and Android phone via my home network?
second question: What phone clients are suggested to be used on Windows 8.1 and an Android phone?

A bit more detailed:
Current situation: I have a modem with phone and internet support. Phone port 1 currently has one phone connected to it. Phone port 2 is still free.
Initial thoughts: I would like to use Phone port 2 to use Raspberry PI (network+phone port on it) and install Asterisk server on it. When there is an incoming call Asterisk should forward the call to my desktop (Windows 8.1, network connection to the broadband modem) or Android phone (connected via WiFi to the network) so the computer and Android phone needs some kind of phone client software.

You’re help is appreciated always! :smile: