Asterisk, Cisco 7960 and Linksys RV042

I have a Asterisk server on a server in a datacenter in Houston.

At home I have a Linksys RV042 and 2 Cisco 7960 phones.

The only way I can get this to work is to port forward the router to one of the phones and then that phone will work fine.

I would like to get both phones working :smile:

Anybody suggestions on how I can get this to work properly? Do I need to use some kind of proxy or forwarder? And if so, any suggestions and recommendations?

Please let me know,

Try forward different ports per phone, if you can, for example for the first phone use 5060 as sip signaling port, for the second use 5061 (but you have to be able to configure the phone to use this as the signaling port instead of standard 5060), then forward a range of ports for rtp audio, for example 6000 to 6009 for the first phone and 6010 to 6019 for the second phone (be sure to check if you are able to configure the rtp ports used by your phones).

Hope it helps.