Phone call between two inbound callers?

Maybe someone could help me to find a solution or show me the right way. I use asterisk 17 and I have an incoming trunk (PJSIP) with 10 lines.

The callers dial a number and via IVR they could choose one of many meetme conferences. For example: caller A is in conference 100 and caller B is in conference 105.

Is there a possibility, that caller A could dial an extension (e.g. 1000) and do a “normal” phone call to caller B?

My first idea was, that every caller acts as an agent and he will be logged in with “AddQueueMember”. I’ve tried “Dial(Agent/1000)” but I got an error, that this channel doesn’t exists.

Next idea is, that I create a “one-agent-queue” for every agent (caller): The caller becomes an agent and adds himself to “his” queue with “AddQueueMember”. So every other caller could dial the “queue” and could talk to that agent (caller).

Is this the best solution?

There needs to be a little more clarification here. Are these callers just random callers? Why are they being dumped into a conference room and who is in that room with them? Are there actual local devices/extensions that will be connected to this system?

Yes, the callers are random. The conference room act as a chat-line. In the conference room there are other random callers. There are only a few local devices, used by the administrators of the conference.

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