Outbound One line Dialer Dialplan


I am unsure on how to create a dialplan with this feature.

I am using a soft phone to make calls through asterisk and I want to be able to click on a list of multiple numbers and have asterisk dial through the list one person at a time while I do NOT have to keep answering and ending the call on my soft phone.

I would like it to move on to the next person after a set amount of time (say 15sec). I have achieved that much but I have to answer and hang up every single call on my soft phone which is not ideal.

I have brainstormed about using a conference line to move calls in and out but that has been shot down. Is that a possibility?

Any idea or direction would be helpful at this time

You could use the confbridge…

The softphone is connected with the conference, you use call files to call the numbers you want, drop them in the conference. Use confbridge kick command to disconnected the call…

Should be doable…

Awesome! Thank you for your suggestion.

I am having trouble with origination of the call. How would I originate a call in conference?

originate SIP/number@trunk extension extension@DialplanContext

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