How do I make a meetme call from a call in a queue

Hi everyone!!

How do I make a conference call from a call in a queue without removing the agent.

I have a dialer that delivers the call to an available agent queue and distributed, but if you want to make a meetme, channels need to send the conference and therefore removes my agent in that queue.

I’m working with AMI

Please helpme!!

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Felix Vidal

these are my dialplans

exten => _*666.,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=es)
exten => _*666.,n,AgentLogin(${EXTEN:4})
exten => _*666.,n,Hangup()

exten => 3001, 1, Set(CHANNEL(language)=es)
exten => 3001, 2, Set(MONITOR_FILENAME=${UNIQUEID})
exten => 3001, n, Set(CDR(userfield)=${MONITOR_FILENAME})
exten => 3001, n, Queue(3001,tT)
exten => 3001, n, Hangup

exten => _6XXXX,2,GoToIf($[${COUNTPARTICIPANTES} > 2 ]?6:3)
exten => _6XXXX,3,Set(CHANNEL(language)=es)
exten => _6XXXX,4,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=250)
exten => _6XXXX,5,Meetme(${EXTEN},qFM)
exten => _6XXXX,6,Hangup()

Helpme please!!!

Please helpme!! :cry: :cry:

One way would be to impose a non-optimisable local channel between the caller and the queue and use AMI’s channel redirect to put it and the caller into the conference.

Hi David55

i than is not a non-optimisable local channel.

can you explain me?

Thanks!!! … timization