Phone as GSM gateway for IVR

thank you for the very helpful post. I am trying to make an IVR with the phone as GSM gateway. I am a newbie and as per my understanding have written the following channel conf and dialplan.

; chan_mobile.conf


address = 00:1B:10:00:18:70.
id = bluetooth.

[J20i] ;name of phone.
address = 6C:23:B9:59:20:BF.
port = 5.
context = LocalSets.
adapter = bluetooth.



exten => 200,1, Answer().
same => n, Playback(hell0-world).
same => n, Hangup().

I thought that if I dialled 200 from my paired phone the ‘hello-world’ file would play. Nothing of the sort happens. Any help wil be much appreciated.

I’m not familiar with that particular technology driver, but most technology drivers provide copious debugging output. Either you will have a syntax error in the configuraotion file, which should show up as an error in the logs during startup, or you should provide debugging output from when a call is attempted.