Personal Messge not working

I have an * 1.6 running with in/out calling and VM working fine. The only issue right now is when I change my personal message (from one of the handsets) it does not get used, if continues to use the default one?

Any ideas?

Please post the contents of extensions.conf and voicemail.conf (in pastebin if needed, also remove those pesky passwords :wink: as well as the CLI output of the whole thing. That would go a long way in having your problem looked at.


Once in the voicemail box 2000 I try 0 to go into mail box options, then hit 1 to record my unavailable message. Once I have recorded, listened to it then saved it, I try calling in again from the PSTN and I only hear the default * VM message, not the one I recorded?

Found my answer on the web…
I needed to use the su options in my exten => s,2,VoiceMail(2000@default,su)