Voicemail not playing personal greeting

I’ve recorded all greetings, but for whatever reason, if a call goes to voicemail, it’s still playing the default system greeting. My UCP shows the greetings. I feel like I’m missing something stupid.


UCP sounds as if you are using FreePBX and not a naked Asterisk server. Could you please check this?

You are absolutely correct. I posted there (cross-posting, kinda, I know) a few days ago with no response, so I thought I would check at the source.

I have FreePBX running for information only, so I am not an expert here (especially not if updates run into problems). I remember a YouTube series called “FreePBX 101” of ChrisTalks (he does that a lot, :)), which showed how to connect the pieces.

If you can replicate with a stock Asterisk system, there’s probably more people here than can help you. I’m not familiar enough with FreePBX to diagnose it though.