Periodic beep while ringing in asterisk

Hi Team,
i am new to asterisk, i am getting periodic beep (every second) sound while customer phone is ringing, but no beep sound while talking to customer.

please help me, how can i remove the beep sound form ring.

i am using sipml5 on client side

Thanks in Advance

This is not done by Asterisk, unless you have set you country code to one that uses that tone as ring back tone.

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Thanks a lot David, let me explain the same in details actually while I dial the number a continue beep sound comes during the ring time, the moment customer answer the call we dont listen any beep this is happening only during the ring time.
I am not using any country code as doing local India calling through PRI only.

By country code, I mean tonezone.

What do you expect to here as ring back tone (the tone sent to the caller when the callee is being alerted)?

A quick check on indications.conf makes me think that no country uses a one second cycle, so I would suggest this is early media coming from the called network.

I suppose it could also be introduced by the calling network to indicate early media, to discourage its use for free calls.