Periodic announce don't work to first user

Hi my queues.conf;

leavewhenempty = strict

The announcement does not play for the first user in the queue, but the announcement is played for the 2nd and subsequent users. How can I fix this. Is the announce-to-first-user property not valid for periodic announcements? What I want to do is to play an audio file every 10 seconds.
Thanks for reply.

Playback the announcement before entering the queue.

I did, but I want it to play every 10 seconds in the queue. This does not work for the first caller because at that moment my members are getting a call. How can I run this?

You really don’t want to play it every ten seconds as Asterisk can only allocate an agent to a call when no announcement is playing.

You could put the repeats of the announcement in your music on hold (which doesn’t stop an agent taking a call, whilst playing) and use Playback for the first time through.

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