Call cellphone from PC using voip and Asterik..possible?


I am very new to this and just wanted to know if its worth learning Asterik in order to achieve what I am trying to do. I have no clue of what can be done and what can’t with Asterik but would like to learn. I am fairly good at computers and just wanted to know if this is possible before I invest time into it.

I want to make a gateway which will help me make a outgoing call to a cellphone (international or national) using voip and my PC. I am going to use this for personal calls and don’t need anything else functionality wise.

So bottom-line is…Is this doable ?? If YES…what additional hardware would I need if any ??

I would appreciate the help from experts. Thanks a lot for reading.

Im not an expert but. Yes asterisk can do that, without more hardware only your internet connection, your network card, your softphone and VoIP provider.

Even you dont need asterisk, only one peer configuration for use with your softphone and your VoIP provider. The quality of sounds depends on your internet speed and the codec supported by your softphone.

Hey navaismo,

Yeah I thought so too…I think Asterik is a very sophisticated tool…too much so for my application…Well…thanks for your reply. I would appreciate if you could detail out the terminology you mentioned in your solution for me…if thats not too much to ask…