Pbx with full blown video support?

I’ve been using Asterisk a very long time, but recently have been running into some limitations in the area of video. I am having great difficulty getting things such as:

  • IVVR
  • Recording video messages from an endpoint for answering machine playback to callers
  • Leaving H.264 video voicemail
  • Retrieving video voicemail from an H.264 endpoint
  • Retrieving video voicemail from a web based interface
    (I am aware of the issues around licensing and that the audio is stored separately from the raw video stream)

I am not trying to do any transcoding, just pure H.264. Can anyone at Digium say if these sorts of things will be coming any time soon in a standard build of asterisk where one doesn’t have to be a developer to get these sorts of things working? I see a lot of band-aid suggestions on the asterisk-video maillist, grabbing alternate sources from SVN, compiling in mp4play, etc. If not, is there another open source solution that provides this sort of functionality?

I love Asterisk and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this application over the past decade, but video related questions are coming up more and more often from potential customers and if I can’t have a solution, I wish I could at least have some answers.