Asterisk Video

Hello, i have 2 GXV 3000, the video ip phone of Grandstream, and it works very well but i’ve got a problem with the videocalls.
If i make a direct ip call the videocall start without problems, but if i use asterisk, they make a normal ip call, no video!
I’ve wrote down videosupport=yes in sip.conf, what have i forgotten?
Many 10x! :smile:

You need to enable the video codecs also. h263 I believe.

Maybe i found!
I hadn’t put


in sip.conf!!!
unfortunately i’ve the phones in my office, I returned at home now, tomorrow morning i will try and i hope that it works!

Yes, It was what I thought :smile:

Noooo!! :frowning:
GXV3000 support only h.264 and Asterisk haven’t ot this codec!
It’s possible to add h.264 to asterisk?

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