Asterisk based video ivr


I am trying to create a black box appliance. The endpoints will register to asterisk and the only thing that we would do is to dial an IVR based on the Background or Playback dialplan application.

When they call the IVR I want to play a small video plus an audio file that will tell the options that they have. Each option will dial another extension in my system.

The problem that I am having is that I cannot even make asterisk play a video that is recorded through the Record dialplan application.

I used ffasterisk to convert a 3gp video to the format the asterisk understands but nothing happens on my softphone, only audio.

I am using a pretty old Asterisk 11 version, has the video support being impoved on the later versions, also do you know any tools to convert video to h264 and not h263 and higher resolution?

So yeah asterisk was a very old version, I tried a later one and now I can record and playback the testrecording.
Are there any tools that I can convert a video to h264 content for asterisk. I have read that the the h264 stream needs to have the right headers to play in Asterisk. Are there any open source tools that can handle this type of conversion because ffasterisk only supports h263.