Patch to support AMR-WB codec in asterisk 1.8


I want to configure G722 on asterisk 1.8.18. Please help regarding to it. We not want just in pass-through, but to be able to transcode in this codec.


The first thing you need to do is contact Voiceage ( and get a license. G.722.2 AMR-WB is a patent-encumbered codec. Transcoding it, just like transcoding G.729 or any other patent-encumbered codec, means you’re going to have to speak to someone about IPR.

Digium doesn’t currently offer a licensed G.722.2 AMR-WB codec implementation for Asterisk, with licensing, as we do for the software-based G.729 codec.

Thanks for reply
Is any patch or free code for installation as g729?

There is no free code to support G.729 transcoding (you can pass it through, if you don’t do anything that needs transcoding).

The only purportedly free implementation for Asterisk has a void licence, because it claims to be covered by the GPL, but is a derivative work of code which has a no commercial use restriction. The GPL does not permit such restrictions, so there is a conflict in the licences and the GPL is void.

Whether it is possible to have a free version will depend on the laws of your country. It is not possible in the USA, and the USA have encouraged some other countries to enact legislation that makes software patentable.

Licences for the Digium G.729 codec are not expensive, and, if you are careful with your dialplan, you may need very few, if any, for Asterisk. Licences for the phones will be part of the price of the phone.