AMR Codec in Asterisk 11

Hi ,
Is there any AMR Codec Patch for Asterisk 11 ? if no how can I use AMR codec ? Any help on how to start is appreciated .


No, AMR codec support is not available in Asterisk. Any AMR codec code that you find is without license and should not be used.


I want to pay for the licence but how can I pay and how can I use this codec in Asterisk 11 ?

You will need to contact the organisation that owns the IPR in the codec and then arrange with a programmer to actually implement the code. It is possible that you will need to sign an NDA. The licensor appears to be Voice-Age Corporation. According to … ent_issues there may be a minimum licence fee of USD 10,000 per year - the licensing structure seems to be desgined for mass market products.

If you intend to use this outside your own organisation, you should read the Asterisk licence carefully, as it is likely that any such codec not supplied through Digium may breach the Asterisk licensing terms.