Participants limits in Asterisk Conference Call

Any body have idea that how many participants can be supported in Asterisk using app_conference application. What are the requirements If I need it to 1000 participants initially and then scale up to 10000 later. Is this possible with asterisk.
Please suggest.

You’d have two problems: CPU load and stability.

I doubt that there are many, if any, machines that would support the CPU load of 1000 active channels.

You’d have to use some sort of talker detection to avoid totally unacceptable echo, background noise, and the need to attenuate everyone to avoid clipping. Even then, you would get lots of false talker detections.

This is a very big number…

  1. I suggest using the new ConfBridge10 from my experience it is quite good.
  2. I suggest using a professional echo cancellation & noise reduction and running it on another machine in order to split the load between Asterisk and the audio filtering.