MeetMe participant limit

I know there’s no definitive answer to this question, so I’m not looking for one - rather I’m just trying to get a rough estimate, and I would appreciate input from people’s experience in terms of the highest number of participants they have successfully managed to have in a single MeetMe conference (unfortunately switching to ConfBridge is not an option for us at the moment). Obviously the answer will largely be hardware-dependent, but if the actual limit is being reached, how would this reveal itself? CPU overloading? Audio issues on the call? Also if the limit was being reached, would it just affect the users on that call, or would there be a significant risk of it affecting other conference calls at the same time, due to stress on the server or something like that?

To give you an idea, we’re using Debian 9 physical servers (not VMs) with 20 CPUs and 32 GB of RAM - what would you estimate a reasonably safe single-conference participant limit to be? 100? 200? More?

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If this helps, I was able to get 60 participants in a Meetme conference running on Asterisk 11 on one of my test servers without any issues. It was Dual-core 4GB RAM virtual system.
I chose 60 because that was the requirement from one of the clients but I’m sure I could have added some more without any issues.

Thank you for your response. We’ve managed up to 100 participants per conference successfully in the past, and are wondering whether we can increase that safely, and if so by how much, but since this is a production environment we’re obviously cautious about impacting users.

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