Need Conference Call Bridge and Recording

We need to produce a telephone system which can function as a confrence call bridge for up to 32 callers and support recording for these conferences. Is this possible with Asterisk?

Does anyone wish to make it happen for us? Please send private email if interested.[/b]

I need something like this, too. I don’t need it up to 32 persons, but 4 persons should very useful. I want to connect it with an audio mixer for a big meeting. Is that possible?



PS: Sorry for my poor english!

The astGUIclient suite and the astGUIclient web-client will let you control a conference including recording and removing participants from a conference and sending participants to a conference from a phone call. It just requires one user to have a local extension on the asterisk system. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but it is free and GPL:

Also, it does require elements to be configured on the Asterisk system and it requires access to a MySQL database.


Some of the previous posts mention requirments to scale to 32 users. Does anyone know exactly how the application suggested actually can scale? i.e. What is the largest configuration in use?

we have had over 100 conferences going on across 6 servers at once, some of them at linked with IAX channels to each other, but Asterisk can be made to be extremely scalable. As for 32 channels, a single server can easily handle that. We’ve done more than double that on a single P4 server.