Single step parking

hello all…
i ve read like to park a call in asterisk i need to set
parkcall => ** in featuresmap context of features.conf
however the keys can be anything…
this can park the call in one step…
but along with parking…i need to retrieve the parkingslot number for further use…
how can these things be achieved?

or put simply
i want to call A
then put him on hold and connect to C
then end the call with C and come back to A
can anyboly help me out??

what do you mean by “i want to call”

you want to phisically use a sip phone… call an extension, put it on hold and call someone else, then pick back the line?.. i think that sip protocol can handle that in a pretty good way if you have a multiline phone… you just press hold… that’s it, then new line… call… at the end connect back to the other one…

i don’t really understand what would you like to do…

i m using x lite soft phone and want to implement park and unpark features in asterisk dialplan

when you park a call you basically transfer the call to whatever you set in features.conf, for example press transfer to **, then asterisk will read back the parking slot to you, like call parked on 701, then when you want to pick up the call, you just dial 701, and you are connected

This setting doesn’t seem to work for me? Is there any other file that needs to be changed in order for parkcall=** to work?

it should better be
parkcall => **
and your dial() should look like this
exten => s,n,dial(SIP/23,Kk)
ie k and K flags needs to be used
remember to press those keys quickly
like the time elapsed between first * and the second one should not be more than 500ms