Parking/Unparking calls without extension dial

I’m working on implementing hold through AMI. It seems the closes thing is to do something like:

action: park

I can then do “action: parkedcalls” and see this channel. parkingtime/parkpos/parkext are not set anywhere so the parked call is sent to x701 and thrown out after 45s (defaults). How would I go about retrieving this parked call? Do I need to do anything to features.conf to make this work (currently it only has default/featuremap/applicationmap, and there is nothing under the applicationmap hearder)? Thanks.

Hi there,

I never worked out a way of doing it without an extension dial, so when our agents take a customer off hold we actually create an outgoing call from the agent to the park channel.

FYI - We dynamically set the parking ID to {agentid}{callno} so that we don’t have to pull all parked calls each time.

Hope this helps,

James Morris

The timeout can be set from AMI, although I didn’t do that part of our code.

To unpark, you can redirect to the parking lot extension generated by parking, or, you should be able to redirect the channel of the parked call.

I’m attempting to do the same, were you able to get it working?

Unfortunately no. Once a call was parked I could never retrieve it. Furthermore the other leg would simply hang up (i.e. me end of the call would hangup).