AMI and Call Park Error

Hello all. I’ve tried searching Google endlessly, but with no avail. I’m having a little difficulty with Asterisk’s call parking feature using the AMI. For some strange reason, when I park a call that comes in from an IAX2 DID to the call queue, parking via the AMI gets the extension that parked the call mixed up.

Here’s the call flow:
IAX2 DID–>Queue–>Agent–>Parking Lot (via AMI)

The call parks fine, but the parking lot number is not spoken back to the correct channel specified, and asterisk assumes that the ringback is the incoming channel.

Version: Asterisk 1.4.27-rc1
Here’s my features.conf

parkext => 700 ; What extension to dial to park parkpos => 701-720 ; What extensions to park calls on. These needs to be ; numeric, as Asterisk starts from the start position ; and increments with one for the next parked call. context => parkedcalls [featuremap] blindxfer => #1 parkcall => #72 atxfer => *2

And the incoming context from extensions.conf. The DID extension has been truncated for privacy.

exten => _20207,1,Answer()
exten => _20207,n,Queue(3242|||||variables_q.php,${CDR(uniqueid)},${CDR(dstchannel)})

The AMI Input for parking a call:

[code]Action: Park
Channel: IAX2/jnctn-744
Channel2: SIP/3011-09a89f40
Timeout: 180000
ActionID: g4grayyar5t6qb215o

Response: Success
ActionID: g4grayyar5t6qb215o
Message: Park successful

Now the disturbing part:

[code]Action: ParkedCalls

Response: Success
Message: Parked calls will follow

Event: ParkedCall
Exten: 701
Channel: IAX2/jnctn-744
From: IAX2/jnctn-744
Timeout: 164
CallerID: 15555555555
CallerIDName: 15555555555

Event: ParkedCallsComplete[/code]

Any ideas on why * is doing this?


This happens also to our * 1.4.25 boxes, when I did some research about I found this bug report: , perhaps you should try reopen it or open a different one.
For us this was not a big problem so I didn’t investigate more.


Marco Bruni