Park call and make overhead announcement


I am probably missing something really simple here …

I want to set up an extension, such that when an operator makes an attended transfer to this extension, the caller is parked, the operator hears the extension it was parked on, and then they are able to make an announcement on the overhead PA. The overhead PA is connected to console/dsp.

The transfer is being made by the operator pressing recall (hook flash), then dialing 777.

I tried using Park like this:

exten => 777,1,Park()
exten => 777,2,Dial(console/dsp,20,A(entry_tone));
exten => 777,3,Hangup()

This placed both parties (caller and the called extension who was trying to do the extension) on hold and did not make an announcement on the console.

I tried adding Answer() at the beginning - that was even stranger: the person trying to do the transfer ended up in the parking lot and the caller was connected to the overhead PA!

I tried using ParkAndAnnounce: this did announce the extension over the PA but did not allow the person making the transfer to hear the park extension (they are in a different area to the PA so they cannot hear it) and also they ended up on hold instead of connected to the PA after ParkAndAnnounce was finished.

The closest I have gotten is this:

exten => 777,n,Transfer(700)
exten => 777,n,Dial(console/dsp,20,A(entry_tone));
exten => 777,n,Hangup()

This works, except the operator does not get to hear the extension that the call was parked on.

What am I doing wrong…?

Thanks // Mike

You are expecting the Park application to return immediately; it doesn’t.