Parking slot announcement to wrong phone

I’m running Asterisk v1.6.1.0. When using the park() command, the announcement of the parking slot number is going to the first caller, and not to the operator who answered the call and dialed the parking extension. How do I get the announcment to go to the operator?

  • Dennis

I seem to remember one or more recent reports on with similar titles, so you should search there.

However, I don’t think you are telling the whole story, as, if you did a SIP attended transfer to the Park() application, there is no way that Asterisk could know who the party A was, until you completed the transfer.

You’ve lost me already. By party ‘A’ do you mean the orginal caller or the operator? The transfer is done by pressing ‘#’ (voice replies “transfer” to the operator) then 800 which is the number in features.conf. I guess that makes it a blind transfer. (A third party can pick up the parked call OK.)

According to’s “Asterisk call parking” page, all the operator has to do is dial #700 and parking will “just work”. There’s no mention of any transfer type, so I didn’t know this was significant. Would use of the transfer button on the phone give me an attended transfer (with CISCO 7940)? Is there a default Asterisk attended transfer * or # sequence?

  • Dennis

Party A is the original caller.

The type of transfer you are describing is a features transfer. As you don’t seem to have configured the features, it is a blind transfer, which will, obviously make the announcement to the parkee, as the transferror is out of the circuit the moment the parking extension starts running.

If you want the transferror to hear the announcement, you will need to perform an attended transfer (I can’t guarantee that features transfers work this way). However, there is also a specific feature code for parking, although I’m not sure which party it parks. see configs/features.conf.sample.

Moreover, if you have a proper SIP phone (the free version of X-lite has this disabled) you can use the transfer command on the phone to transfer to the parking extension. If you use the attended transfer option, you effectively start a call on a second line, and only associate that call with the original caller after you have finished parking it.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The CISCO SIP phone has both (attended) transfer and blind_transfer buttons that work as you would expect. So transfer 7-0-0 transfer speaks the parking slot to the called party.

It was an unpleasant surprise to me that the default version of features.conf sets # by itself as a blind transfer, so that all the published examples using #700 for parking will exhibit this misdirected announcement problem out-of the box. What finally worked for me was to edit the featuremap section to set (via uncommenting)
blindxfer => #1
parkcall => #72

Now the one-step parking works great.

Thanks again for your help.

  • Dennis