ParkAndAnnounce inside dialplan

Hi guys,

This is probably a really simple one but has taken me up for the last 6 hours.
I want to park a call and Announce the parking extension it has been parked in.

I have read the documentation on the following link for the last 100 times

I keep getting an error in the Asterisk dial plan when I create the park and announce.

ERROR[17395][C-00000001]: parking/parking_applications.c:922 park_and_announce_app_exec: ParkAndAnnounce requires the announce_template argument.

Anybody can send me in the right direction.
Your input would be highly appreciated.

My dial plan

same  => n,ParkAndAnnounce([parkinglot_1,[R,pbx-transfer:PARKED,]]dial)

I have tried many different ways, but they all end up in the same error.
Kind of bashing my head against the wall right now.

I made it work.
It took me ages, but it was quite easy.

This did the magic trick

same  => n,ParkAndAnnounce(,,silence/3:pbx-transfer:PARKED,${BLINDTRANSFER:0:10},1)

Hope it can help anybody in the future

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