PAP2T-NA will not ring its phone

How do I make the PAP2T-NA ring the phone that is connected to it?

The phone will ring when plugged into the wall, so I know its ringer works and is turned on.

In the PAP2T-NA settings under User 1 there are some entries under “Distinctive Ring Settings” labeled “Ring 1 Caller”, “Ring 2 Caller”, etc. All of these are blank. Is there supposed to be something in there that makes the phone ring?

Under “Regional”, “Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec”, the settings are:
Ring Waveform = Sinusoidal
Ring Voltage = 70
Synchronized Ring = no
Ring Frequency = 25
CWT Frequency = 440@-10

These are all default, out-of-the-box settings.

Are they correct?

Finally, on the page on “Installing the Linksys PAP2-NA port adapter”, it said to set Regional->Hook Flash Timer Min to 0.05, which I did, but now I can’t remember (or find) the default setting, think it was 0.1. The instructions said “needed for European phones so that the flash hook works” which doesn’t apply to me since this isn’t a European phone anyway. Anyone know what the default setting was, and does it matter for the purposes of getting the phone to ring?


Found the problem … Under Regional->Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec, change “Sinusoid” to “Trapezoid” and it seems that’s all it takes.

well done. googling for “sinusoid trapezoid” seems to bring up quite a few examples of where people have experienced the same pain.

do you fancy updating the wiki ??

do you fancy updating the wiki ??

I have no idea how to do that, but I guess it’s time I learned… :smile:

(I assume there’s plenty of help and how-to that educates newbies like me…)

I’d actually like to solve the rest of the problems here, like why plugging in the PAP2T-NA hoses the Grandstream connection, before I do that…


I tried to save you pain on this one…

Guess I didn’t put enough keywords in the post. Glad you figured it out!

Guess I didn’t put enough keywords in the post. Glad you figured it out!

Good morning, kheston.

Hmmm… I searched the forum for “PAP2 ring” but your post didn’t come up. Or, it did and I didn’t see it.

It would have been helpful, in any case, if Linksys would ship a little bit of documentation with their product. I don’t know how they expect anyone to be able to use it on anything besides Vonage (maybe that’s the idea…)