Panasonic Phones and Asterisk

The company I work for has a Panasonic PBX. We’re wanting to replace it with an Asterisk system. The phone we have are:

Does anyone have an experience with Asterisk and these or similar phones? The ones with the LCD’s, will Asterisk be able to send data to these? Such as caller ID, time, etc.? Any information would be appreciated.

I have no experiance with panasonic but chances are unless the are sip based then no they will not work with asterisk. Most PBX phones are proprietary wicjh means they will only operate with the makers pbx

You might want to invest a little time into getting CLI to the panasonic via a tapi interface of some sort…

I take it you are putting the Asterisk box before the Panasonic system… and providing some sort of analogue connection to the Panasonic…