IP Link to Existing PBX?

Hello All,

We currently have a Panasonic KX-TDA100 phone system using 3 ISDN lines (6 lines) that is attached to a PanaVox Lite Auto Attendant.

We are quite happy with the PBX itself, but the PanaVox is awful, the fax detection doesn’t work, it doesn’t auto set date/time for daylight savings and it only support two analogue lines. Plus all control is done over via some very clunky software over serial and all audio is loaded via telephone only.

So have been looking around at options to replace it and came across Asterisk. The system looks great and i would love to get the Voicemail linked up with peoples exchange accounts e.t.c, the problem is im not sure how i would connect the system up.

We are running all our servers via Vmware ESXI so they are all virtual. There is plenty of spare resources so i can setup a whole new virtual server, but i cannot attach any physical peripherals to the system such as USB/PCI interfaces.

My only option would be to transmit the calls over IP from the PBX using something like a KX-TDA0 4 Line IP Gateway Card, in the PBX giving me a four line link between the systems. However i have no idea whether this would work from a PBX or Asterisk point of view so am looking for some guidance, either directly or things i can read.

Many thanks in advance!


Would really like some help on this one, sorry to ask such a basic question.

Even a link to a knowledge base or technology guide would help.

Thanks in advance.


It is inadvisable to to use a virtual machine for IP telephony. VM scheduling and timing is not optimised for such real time applications.

In principle, you should be able to create a SIP trunk to the IP PBX with only the virtualised resources.