Paging on 1.4

Hello All I am using 1.4 Beta 3.
I am trying to setup paging to a sound card like I have done on my previous installs but it does not seem to work correctly.
This is what I have always followed … sound+card

of course i by passed the first few steps that have to do with AA@h.

When i attempt to dial the console i get this message

Unable to re-open DSP device /dev/dsp: No such file or directory.

Any ideas?


Tips: you shouln’t steel Apple menu bar concept. I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

make sure you have OSS or ALSA set up and the module loaded? shrug

Its crazy ill tell you what i found out about this. This a new PC a small mini square box built by my co worker. Its using a PC chips mother board and all of the drivers are for windows. I got it to work with linux fine. The internal nic does not work so i put a new nic in to get it to work. When i disable the internal nic in the bios it also disables the sound card. Thus the reason i am getting that error. Linux dont see the sound card. When i enable the internal nic it sees teh sound card and paging works, but after i page for the first time the new nic does as well. I am having some kind of IRQ error somewhere. Im ready to through that piece of junk in the trash!.