Connecting A soundcard to Valcom paging system

Hello all i followed instructions on the wiki of how to connect the soundcard of my asterisk box to be able to page. When i dial the extention and there are computer speakers attached it works with no problem. When i connect to a RCA cable which leads to my valcom paging system it does not work!. Has anyone been able to do this sucessfully? Should i just run a direct line out of my soundcard and splice a while into the paging system? how do you do this!..


we have an extension that dials out via a certain Zap channel on a TDM400 card…that hooks into our paging system (don’t know the manufacturer) and works fine.

i’m not sure if your paging system is looking for some sort of audio trigger to open the overhead conference line…

if you’re able to output audio over standard computer speakers, perhaps you need a 1/8 minijack to RCA cable, then use RCA patches to run into the valcom…that is more of a connection issue though.

yeah thats what i have. i got a 1/8 connection that plugs into a rca connector. stupid thing dont work. then i drive back to my office and plug into pc speakers and it works!.

hmmmm…is there any special config on the pager itself that it requires to open a connection? that would be where i’d look because it’s the only thing that makes sense, to me anyways…

im going to go back out there again tomorrow and mess with it. it does not back any sence. when it is plugged into the current Premier phone system built in 1986 it works fine. when i unplug it from there and connect it to my asterisk box it does nothing!. i did notice on the 1/8 connector that i have it has a mono connection it is not stereo. i wonder if maybe it it being broadcasted on the right or left side ?

if it’s mono, it’s almost for sure sending on the right side only…that would most likely be the red RCA plug (if they’re different colors).

i could be wrong but I coulda sworn mono was left (white)…

I guess try both lol