Asterisk sound card Paging

does anyone know how to use the pc sound card for overhead paging , i looked at this page but it didn’t help.
any idea?

You can “call” the console.
Make sure that you can play audio files out the sound card.
My server boots with the sound turned down, so I use smixer from a command line to set the volume.

In extensions.conf:
exten => 7,1,Answer
exten => 7,2,Playback(beep)
exten => 7,3,Dial(CONSOLE,dsp,1,g)
exten => 7,4,Hangup

I am trying to get the system to play background music softly during no page condition, turn donw bg music and play the page louder.

Very interesting solution daved…

In many telephone systems, an announcement is recorded to a file, and played back on a slight delay to prevent feedback from the announcing equipment.

You have no problems with feedback using your solution?

I’m a linux newbie. How do i know that my sound card works? I tried the paging to console thing, but don’t get anything. any help or pointer to a useful resource would be appreciated.

take a look at this, it works for me … _id=420324

I implemented this script per the documentation but I am still having troubles paging. I have 3 phones that I am trying to page through, Snom 360, aastra 9113i, and a polycom 501. None of them work.

I turned off ‘filter packets from registrar’ and turned on the intercomm on the snom, and still no go.

When I dial the paging extension I see asterisk run the agi script from the CLI but then nothing happens on the phones.