Polycom Paging

I have successfully setup Snom 360’s to use paging over the speaker phones; however, now I have upgraded to Polycom’s and I cannot get them to work. Anyone know the syntax to allow Polycom 550’s and 650’s to page over the speaker phones?

Oh is this fun. You will need to change the .cfg files for the phone (which you can have the phone grab via ftp, http etc). I have it set up some where. If you PM me I can give you my config files that I use that work.

Find the following section in your sip.cfg and edit it to match:

Then you just pass “Auto Answer” as alert info in your extensions.conf for the page like:

exten => *60,1,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=20) exten => *60,2,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: Auto Answer) exten => *60,3,Page(ZAP/41&ZAP/42&SIP/1369&SIP/1415&SIP/1343&SIP/1402)

In my example above ZAP/41 and 42 are overhead speaker amps and the SIP extensions are all Polycoms in areas that the overhead speakers cant be heard that well.