[HELP] Cisco 7960 and Asterisk

I’m preparing to purchase several of these and was hoping someone could confirm that you can still use the interphone paging feature on these phones. such as a secretary picks up her phone dials the function and then pages to all the phones speakers not in use.

Yes and no.

I’ve made it work, but not exactly the way you describe.

On the VOIP wiki there’s an excellent AGI script that works as you describe, sort of…

The system will call a series of extensions, combine them in a conference call, and connect the person who called the “paging” extension. When the person who called the “paging” extension hangs up, everyone is kicked from the conference.

You can also call individual extensions and page specific station locations.

The stations must have two SIP extensions, one of which is configured for auto answer. This gives the paged user an “answerback” capability as well, since the speakerphone is connected in a 2-way configuration.

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voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … wer+config