So my job is wanting to get a new phone system and I bought in my home asterisk box and showed them what it can do. So far they like it there’s just 2 problems I am not sure about, but I’m more concerned about this one since we use it all the time. We currently have our pbx through Inter-tel. There a button on the phone called page that when you press it will come out of the speakers around the floor. Example “John call the operator”. You can use the page feature from any phone. How I think it works is the speaker system is hoked into the speaker jack on the pbx and when ever you page someone it activates the speakers, that’s my guess. Would this be possible on an Asterisk box?

I’ve seen people integrate the sound card of their Asterisk box with paging systems. That might work for you.

I’ve also seen phones that have been setup as “auto answer” that were then connected to the paging system through the headset jack.

I’m sure there’s a number of ways you could do that.

You can hook a Pap2 or some other voip ata up to this which you would then plug into your speakers. … hp?pid=291