Override warp up time when only one agent is available

I have an asterisk 1.8 with agents logged in more than one queue dynamically. Every agent has a warp up time when hangs the phone and, when a call enters in a queue this one pass to the first available agent. But when only one agent is available and it’s in this grace period, when a new call arrives the caller has to wait to reach this agent warp up time to be attended.

I would like when only one agent is available avoid the warp up time and rings the terminal to be attended. there is some way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Wrap up time is time for the agent to do clerical jobs related to the call before they are interrupted by a new call. If you can afford to answer the call immediately you didn’t need to allow wrap up time in the first place!

Te point is we need this grace period for the agents, but also it’s most important not to loose a call than an agent can take this time. This situation doesn’t occur very often, normally there are agents available to get calls, so i was looking for a way to avoid loosing the less number of calls configuring Asterisk to call agents in their wrap up time if no more free agents are available. :wink:

Not without changing the source code.

Ok, thanks you. I will try to find a workaround