Outside Mobile Call Divert to Asterisk Extension

Hey Guys,

I want to implement something new in Asterisk, so please help me regarding this.

My company’s twelve(12) engineers, who very often go outside the country(roaming) for business purpose, my boss wants me to setup their mobile so that all calls(only when they are in roaming… to save money…and also when they are not reachable) divert to our company extension. Let me tell you not reception, but a team member of engineers whose extension also doesn’t have any DID number also.
This extension is simply a 3 digit number(250), and we want calls to be directly diverted to this extension.

So, may I know is there any formula which I can implement on Asterisk System here, I mean like I can configure my reception number(or any DID number) and then my required extension in this form…


on any outside mobile divert option.


Asterisk does not have any influence on calls that come on engineer’s mobile numbers. So Asterisk can not automatically divert incomming calls to mobile numbers of your co-workers when a mobile subscriber is abroad. Perhaps your mobile operator can divert calls to a public number that is handled by your Asterisk server. But you will have to check with your mobile provider. You need some sort of “Call Forwad when Roaming” to be possible on mobile operator side.